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The New Project

For a while now a few of my friends have been bugging me to help them work on a video game and so I have done just that. The games that I will now show might eventually replace this site so just get ready for that. Thanks for reading!

Here is the link

Previous Obsessions

I will place my previous obbsessions on the site on there own page with their pictures and maybe, if I am feeling overly generous, I might put information that I neglected in the orginal post.

- Website Development

- Deep Zoom

- Farseer Physics

Why Obsesions?

Have you ever had a single subject that you were really obsessed about for a small period, say a week? Well I get them weekly and some of them I feel are worthy of showing them to the world and explaining their brilliance to everyone. Some of the things that you will find on the site might spark a new idea for you. Some may not but if you do find something interesting please tell me so that I may know that what I am doing isn't falling on deaf ears.